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The partnership between the UAE Ministry of Economy and EMIR to form The Advisory Council, allowing private businesses to provide face to face feedback to government, represents all that is good about the UAE.


I was pleased to join the UAE Recovery Task Force panel at The Advisory Council virtual conference. It was successful in bringing together a variety of inspirational leaders across many sectors and providing ample opportunities to network and share ideas on leadership.

Chris Roberts, eltizam

The Advisory Council conference is at the forefront of modern business tools. EMIR and The Advisory Council now form a part of our strategic development and business planning process.

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

The Advisory Council is an excellent platform even for the more experienced to fill in their knowledge gaps or use as a refresher on the current reality of the recovery.


The Advisory Council perfectly embodies the power of partnerships that we believe in. Only through knowledge-sharing and active dialogue can the public and private sector come together to solve pressing challenges and ideate solutions.

Accenture Middle East

The Advisory Council is an excellent platform that brings together a stellar network of senior executives across industries to achieve sustainable economic growth that inspires the workforce of the future and is powered by innovation.


The Advisory Council is a great platform that brings together some of the top experts in our region as they explore the current economic sentiments, emerging with an understanding of what it will take to lead through uncertainty.


The UAE Ministry of Economy and EMIR has created a special virtual platform for all of us to come together to find solutions that will help to enhance the economy and create new business opportunities.

CIRCLE Coalition

The development of the Circular Economy to address the waste generated by UAE consumers will only be successful through coordinated efforts. This is the ideal forum to bring together thought leaders, innovators in technology, and funding to make this opportunity a reality.


A wonderfully set up virtual conference featuring the Minister of Economy setting out key principles along with valuable and strategic insights from The Advisory Council members. As always, EMIR’s business updates were on point backed up by specialist insights.



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