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Covid-19 Commercial Planning Support

A covid-19-led recession is on the cards for the Middle East, North Africa & Turkey (MENAT) region in 2020. The ripple effects of this will lead to major changes in the region’s business outlook over the next two years. Yet many regional directors are struggling to make sense of this new future direction and the impact on their ability to operate and profit in the region.

Businesses who fail to make sense of events today will lose out to better-prepared competitors tomorrow.

This intelligence report helps businesses plan for a variety of potential trajectories for the MENAT region while also guiding executives with the critical analysis needed for commercial success. This report also contains critical information for both planning and reporting into global HQ or the family board, including:

  • A situational analysis and outlook for covid-19 in MENAT
  • An in-depth analysis of potential scenarios for covid-19 and the economic fallout
  • Sector benchmarking data*- allowing executives to compare results/policies
  • Insightful economic analysis, including EMIR’s Fiscal Health Index by market
  • Market prioritisation strategy and demand outlooks by tier 1, 2 and 3 markets
  • EMIR’s Covid-19 Country Resilience Index (forecast winners and loser)
  • EMIR’s Risk Radar for monitoring potential downside scenarios
  • An interactive database of all government responses by markets and actions
  • An outlook on exiting lockdowns across the region and the impact on business
  • Informed opinion on the impact of the oil price crash on government spending

Sector Benchmarking

*EMIR’s sector benchmarking data is based on an EMIR survey of over 500 executives doing business in the MENAT region and disaggregated by sector. Find out by how much your peers’ revenues are expected to fall, which sectors are cutting staff or Capex and where work from home (WFH) and digital transformation initiatives are likely to become the norm. Sectors benchmarked by EMIR include: Advertising, Media & Pr, Entertainment; Energy, Agriculture, Chemicals & Mining; Financial Services; Government & Not-for-Profit; Health Care & Pharmaceuticals; Heavy Manufacturing & Construction; ICT; Professional Services; Real Estate; Retail & Consumer Products; Transport & Mobility & Logistics; Travel & Tourism.